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  • Kichcha Sudeep’s “Vikrant Rona” Review

    “Vikrant Rona,” starring Kichcha Sudeep, opened in theaters today. Jacqueline Fernandez, Neeta Ashok, and Nirup Bhandari all played major roles. Anoop Bhandari directed the movie. The music was composed by Ajaneesh Loknath. This big-budget undertaking was funded by Jack Manjunath and Alankar Pandian. The “Vikrant Rona” trailer was successful in building up anticipation for the movie. The general public has great hopes for this movie. Let’s see if the film has lived up to the hype.


    The story takes place in the Karnataka village of Kamarottu, where a police officer perishes for unknown reasons. Inspector Vikrant Rona (Sudeep) takes on the eponymous police officer murder investigation. To his astonishment, he learns some horrifying details regarding the officer’s death during his investigation, and he also learns that 16 children were previously slain in the same village. What is the link between Vikrant Rona, the 16 despised children, and the suspected murder of the police officer? Will Vikrant find the real killer? How, if so?


    The tale opens with gripping horror scenes, but Vikrant Rona’s investigation is where the actual progress begins. Comedy and love were intended to add flavour to the story by director Anoop Bhandari, but they appear extraneous and diverge from the core plot. With unanticipated twists and turns, the first half ends. The second half begins well, curiosity builds up well and keeps viewers glued to their seats. This movie was expertly created by Anoop Bhandari and he managed to keep suspense until the end. Kichcha Sudeep’s acting and action have elevated the plot to great heights. The visual effects are the show-stealers in this film. The second part of the movie gives you the sense that it is a revenge drama, but the adventure sequences keep you interested the entire time.


    Sudeep’s portrayal as a tough police officer was one of his greatest. His acting and dialogue are excellent. Although Nirup Bhandari’s role starts out as a little monotonous, it ends with a thrill. In a minor role, Jacqueline dazzles.

    Technical Aspects

    The film’s suspense and thrilling sequences were expertly executed by Anoop Bhandari, yet the plot occasionally drags. One of the film’s attractions is the artwork. Brilliant cinematography and music are provided by William and Ajaneesh Loknath.



    Art Work, Music

    Action and Suspense


    Typical mystery plot

    A slow second half

    Rating: 3/5


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