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  • Kiran Abbavaram and Chandini Chowdary’s Sammathame movie review

    “Sammathame,” starring Chandni Chowdary and Kiran Abbavaram, is now in theaters. Kanakala Praveena directed and produced the film. Shekhar Chandra composed the soundtrack. The trailer and music set up high expectations for the film. Will this be another hit for Kiran Abbavaram? Let us investigate.


    Krishna (Kiran Abbavairam) loses his mother at a young age. He hopes that by marrying the girl of his dreams, he will bring back memories of her mother. Soon he meets Shanvi (Chandni Chowdary). She is a young woman from the city. Krishna, on the other hand, is a young man from a small village. Shanvi’s and Krishna’s ideas are diametrically opposed. However, he falls in love with Shanvi. He hopes that after their marriage, she will change her mind. Conflicts in their relationship begin to emerge. What mental shifts did the couple experience? The remainder of the story will reveal whether or not they marry.


    This plot is far too brief. How the relationship between the two dissenters developed. The plot follows a tried-and-tested romantic formula with some flavouring. The performances of the hero and heroine are the most important aspects of the film. They also have a genuine and endearing chemistry together. The first half of the story is successful, but the second half is chaotic. The story appears to be drawn out, which may bore the audience.


    Chandni and Kiran both did an excellent job as the city girl and village boy, respectively. Kiran’s acting shines in the melancholy scenes. The director did not make full use of the hero’s acting talent. Chandini exuded natural beauty and had the perfect appearance for the role. Saptagiri and the rest of the cast delivered outstanding performances.

    Technical Aspects: 

    Despite the fact that Gopinath’s story was well written, it was not successfully adapted for the screen. The film’s second half appears to be badly edited. Along with the songs, Shekhar Chandra’s background music is excellent. The editor, Viplav Naishadam, should have done a better job. The production values are excellent.


    Kiran Abbavaram, Chandni Chowdary’s acting.


    Background Music


    Second Part


    Rating: 2.5/5

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