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  • Kiran Abbavaram’s Top Films

    Kiran Abbavaram, a young hero, is one of Tollywood’s most promising actors. Kiran was born in the Andhra Pradesh town of Rayachoti. Kiran quit his job as a software developer to pursue a career in film. He began his career with critically acclaimed short films. One of his short films, ‘Sreekaram,’ is made in Tollywood and stars Sharwanand. Kiran’s first break came with ‘SR Kalayanamandapam,’ which was a critical and commercial success. His next film, ‘Sammathame,’ will be released on June 24.

    Let’s know more about Kiran Abbavaram’s films.

    Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru (2019)

    Kiran Abbavaram made his debut with the film ‘Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru’. This romantic drama is directed by Ravi kiran Kola. Kiran Abbavaram’s performance received the attention from critics and audience.

    Sreekaram (2021)

    Kiran Abbavaram’s short film Sreekaram was made into a full length telugu film by 14 reels entertainment and Kishore B. Actor Shawanand played the lead role in this film.

    SR Kalyanamandapam (2021) 

    Kiran helmed the script and played the lead role in ‘SR Kalyanamandapam’. This film is well received by the audience and critics. Kiran tasted his first commercial success with this film.

    Sebastian P.C. 524 (2022)

    Kiran’s third film ‘Sebastian P.C. 524’ failed to reach the expectations of moviegoers but his performance received widespread acclaim.

    Kiran Abbavaram’s next film ‘Sammathame’ is set to hit the theaters today. Chandini Chowdary is playing his love interest in this upcoming film.

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