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  • Know all About the Natural star, Nani

    In the Telugu film industry, Nani is a boy-next-door figure of Telugu cinema. He has established himself as the most popular actor despite having no film background. He worked as an assistant director at the start of his film career. After some period, he was noticed by filmmaker Bala, who eventually cast him as the lead in his film Ashta Chamma. Nani, despite his teensy and slender stature, became one of the bankable stars of Telugu films thanks to his versatile acting skills. Let’s learn more about this Natural Star.

    Who is Nani? 

    He is an actor and producer who is also a TV presenter. He was the host of the Telugu reality TV show BiggBoss season 2. 

    What is the age of Nani & What’s his age? 

    Ghanta Naveen Babu, aka Nani, was born on February 24, 1984, in Hyderabad, to Ram Babu and Vijaya Lakshmi. Prior to his career in films, he worked as a radio Presenter. Nani is a 38-year-old gentleman.

    How tall is Nani?

    The actor is 5.8 feet tall and gifted with extreme natural looks.

    How many movies did Nani play as Hero?

    Nani has appeared in 30 movies. He also did cameo roles in the films he produced. His upcoming flick, “Ante Sundaraniki” is gearing up for release.

    Is Nani married? 

    Nani married his long-time girlfriend, Anjana, on October 27, 2012. Anjana and Nani dated for five years and advanced to marriage in 2012. This couple was blessed with a baby boy, Arjun, in 2017.


    Where does Nani live?

    Nani lives with his family in a luxurious villa in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. 

    Who were the actresses with whom Nani was linked up?

    Nani was not linked to any actresses, although actress Sri Reddy accused him of molesting her. Her statements generated a stir back in the day, despite the fact that they didn’t last long.

    What is Nani’s new movie?

    Ante Sundaraniki is an upcoming movie by Nani. Malayalam actress Nazriya Nazim plays his love interest in this film. It is directed by Vivek Aathreya.


    Nani’s Favorite Food, Books, and Interests

    Idli-Sambar and Kichdi are Nani’s favourite dishes. He aspired to be a filmmaker, but he made a name for himself as an actor. Nani enjoys cricket and travelling.

    Film Awards for Nani

    Nani is honoured with 2 Nandi awards and one Filmfare award. In addition to this, he also won CineMAA, Vijay and Zee Cinema Awards.

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