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  • Know all about Youtube Shorts Funding Program

    This generation’s primary source of entertainment is short videos. Everyone likes these mini videos, from early teenagers to the elderly. Short videos are the most engaging digital content. Short video creators put in a lot of effort to create these fun and enjoyable 60-second flicks.

    Vine, the first short-video sharing tool, launched the short video trend in the west. Tik-Tok afterwards took the world by storm. Following the ban of Tik-Tok in India, various applications took advantage of the situation to gain users and creators. In India, some of the most popular short video platforms are Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight, Youtube Shorts, and Moj.

    To assist creators, some short video platforms have begun to provide monetization programmes. Instagram has launched a Reel Play Bonus programme, Snapchat has launched a Spotlight challenge programme, and Youtube has recently launched the Youtube Shorts Fund programme as a monetization scheme for creators. Creators are blown away by this is a significant announcement. Through this funding programme, Youtube is awarding a total of $100 million to numerous creators. However, there are several stages to this funding process. That begins with the level of qualification.

    Click the below link to go through all the terms and conditions of the Youtube Shorts Funding Programme



    Making a short movie is not an easy task; the creator must be proficient in all of the video-sharing platform’s built-in tools. The video should be filled with the necessary effects and animated fonts. Sound effects and captivating soundtracks are essential aspects of a short video. Apart from these factors, the most crucial aspect of this short film is how the creator presents himself on camera.

    Evelyn Vallejos, better known by her stage name Lyna, is an Argentinian Youtuber, singer, and songwriter who rose to prominence thanks to her YouTube channel. She is one of Latin America’s most prominent YouTubers. Lyna advises aspiring new-age makers to be self-assured when creating a video. She shared that People used to make fun of her posts, but despite the criticism and bullying, she was able to make a career on YouTube by being confident. She also cautions creators against being overconfident in their work and emphasizes the importance of creators maintaining a positive relationship with their followers and fans. Lyna adds that creators must put a lot of effort in order to succeed.

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