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  • Koratala Siva penned a fresh pan-India script for NTR30

    Having resolved all of Acharya’s financial disagreements, director Koratala Siva is now able to breathe easier. The director is reportedly concentrating on his upcoming project with NTR, NTR30, after paying all of the distributors’ compensations. 

    #NTR30 was announced by Koratala Siva during “Acharya” promotional events. The movie was scheduled to begin filming in June, but for a variety of reasons, the production was shelved. NTR’s goals have radically changed as a result of “Acharcya’s” decibel, and the actor pleaded with Siva to alter the script.

    Koratala Siva reportedly erased the old script and created a whole new pan-India script for NTR30, according to recent reports from NTR’s close aides. The script received NTR’s approval as well, and now shooting is scheduled to begin in November.

    NTR also has Buchi Babu and Prashanth Neel’s projects in his pipeline.

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