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  • KTR delights everyone by delivering DJ TILLU’s “Ika Atluntadi Manathoni” dialogue.

    Telangana IT minister KTR has been touched by DJ Tillu’s mania.. KTR, who is currently campaigning in the Warangal district, made a DJ Tillu impression in his powerful speech. According to the dynamic leader, “People mocked Telangana slang before the state was formed, but that has now changed. Every hero and director is now using Telangana slang as a component of their film’s success.” He concluded his speech with the memorable phrase “Ika Atluntadi Manathoni” from the recent film DJ Tillu.

    His fans and followers went insane as he imitated DJ Tillu on stage. The video was quickly shared on social media by his team members, and it quickly went viral. During his assembly speeches, Telangana Chief Minister KCR mentioned the influence of Telangana slang on the film industry several times.

    KTR also launched a scathing attack on BJP leaders. He claimed that BJP leaders are not serving the people in their elected constituencies effectively. He chastised the central government for levelling baseless allegations against the TRS government.

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