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  • Latest Telugu OTT Movies: Wondering which movie to watch this weekend (May 24)? Take a look at these!

    The era of planning weekend outings to the cinema is a thing of the past. With the rise of OTT platforms, the way viewers choose and watch movies has transformed dramatically, offering the convenience of experiencing new films right at home. Each week, OTT platforms deliver fresh movies and series right to your doorstep. This weekend is no exception, with a selection of new films set to create a buzz on OTT. Select a film that suits your preferences and set aside some time to enjoy it this weekend.


    Starring Mohan Bhagath, Supritha, and Ravindra Vijay, this film was released in theaters on May 10th and received positive feedback. It has been streaming on the popular OTT platform ETV Win since May 23. The film comes with a fresh concept. About the plot Migil, while serving his sentence in Kala Ghadi Jail, mysteriously disappears from his cell just a day before his scheduled execution. Despite the locks and walls remaining intact, his disappearance baffles everyone. A detective enters the scene to investigate this anomaly. The discovery of Migil’s diary turns the investigation on its head. What is in the diary? What connection does it have with the Deja Vu experiment? These are the unfolding mysteries of the story.

    Prasanna Vadanam

    Featuring Suhas, Nandu, Payal Radhakrishna, and Rashi Singh, this film has become a hit in theaters. It will be available on Aha from May 24. Moving on to the story Surya, who works as a radio jockey, has his life turned upside down by an accident that leaves him with face blindness. He becomes unable to recognize faces or voices. One day, a murder occurs right before his eyes, and unexpectedly, Surya finds himself entangled in the case. Who framed Surya? Did he manage to clear his name? That is the story.


    In this film, coming from the combo of actor Vishal and director Hari, Vishal is paired with Priya Bhavani Shankar. It has been streaming on Amazon Prime since May 23. About the plot Rathnam (Vishal), living along the Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border, cherishes Janani (Priya Bhavani Shankar). When gangsters threaten her life, Rathnam is thrust into action. How does he save Janani? What motivates the gangsters to target her? Uncover the essence of the plot in this riveting story.


    Featuring Bollywood stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kriti Sanon, along with veteran actress Tabu, this film titled ‘Crew‘ garnered substantial collections and responses in theaters. It will be streaming on Netflix from May 24. Available in Hindi, the film involves Jasmine (Kareena), Geeta (Tabu), and Divya (Kriti Sanon) working as air hostesses for Kohinoor Airlines. Due to financial troubles, the management has not paid their salaries for several months. Facing a dire need for money, they resort to illegal means to earn it. What happens in the end? That is the story.

    Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

    This Hollywood film, released last December, has done well globally. It started streaming on Jio Cinema from May 21 and is available in Telugu, Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, and Tamil. About the plot Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) becomes the king of Atlantis after defeating his brother Orm and claiming the Trident. Meanwhile, the sea pirate David sets out to avenge his father’s death, which he blames on Arthur. In a cave, David discovers the Black Trident, an artifact of immense power. How does David change after acquiring the Black Trident? What are the powers he gains? The story unfolds around how Arthur confronts the misdeeds of David.

    Vidya Vasula Aham

    The film “Vidya Vasula Aham,” featuring Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajashekar, is directed by Manikanth Gelli. It explores the complexities of ego in a married couple’s relationship. This movie made its debut last week on May 17 on Aha and received positive responses. If you missed it last week, make sure to watch it this weekend.

    Sharathulu Varthisthai

    Another feel-good movie that arrived on OTT last week. Directed by Kumaraswamy and featuring Chaitanya Rao and Bhoomi Shetty, it has been streaming on Aha since May 18. If you missed this movie last week, make sure to catch it this weekend. About the plot Chiranjeevi and Vijaya are a middle-class couple whose lives are turned upside down by a chain system business scam. Who owns the bogus company? What does Chiranjeevi do upon learning his money is gone? How is this scam connected to corporation elections? That’s the plot.


    A Tamil dubbing film starring G.V. Prakash and Ivana, directed by P.V. Shankar, titled ‘Chorudu‘, has been streaming on Hotstar since May 14. This weekend, those who enjoy crime thrillers can watch ‘Chorudu’. About the plot Murders occur at night in a forest. Kemban lives near the forest and commits thefts at night. The entry of the heroine into his life and the revelation of a truth about Kemban twist the plot. What happens next? That’s the story.


    Fahadh Faasil, known from ‘Pushpa‘, this Malayalam blockbuster titled ‘Aavesham‘ surprised everyone by grossing over ₹150 crores. It has been available in Telugu on Amazon since May 17. About the plot Three students from Kerala join an engineering college in Bangalore. During a ragging session, they are humiliated by their seniors. In response, they befriend a local Malayali gangster named Ranga (Fahadh Faasil). Following a series of unforeseen incidents, they turn into adversaries of Ranga. What unfolded next? Why did Ranga seek to kill them? That forms the narrative.

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