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  • Lavanya Tripathi’s ‘Happy Birthday’ is a well-made spellbinding fantasy comedy that periodically tests our patience. Read the full review here.

    The movie “Happy Birthday,” starring Lavanya Tripathi in the lead role, has been released in theaters today. Ritesh Rana, the director of ‘Mathu Vadalara,’ is in charge of the project. Satya, Vennela Kishore, and Rahul Ramakrishna played key roles in this Fantasy comedy. “Happy Birthday” has developed a lot of buzz prior to its release with some extremely captivating promotional campaigns. Will “Happy Birthday” win the hearts of the audience? Let’s find out.


    Ritwik Sodhi(Vennela Kishore), the Minister of State for Home Affairs, is leading the campaign to change gun laws in India (Vennela Kishore). As a result, everyone in the country is armed, and gun culture is growing. Happy Tripati (Lavanya Tripathi), who is celebrating her birthday in Hyderabad, is abducted by an unidentified gang while she is at a bar. How will she get out of this situation? What aim do the abductors have? The rest of the story reveals how weapons are related to the plot’s central theme.


    Director Ritesh Rana succeeded in making his point, but fell short of the expectations established by his last movie, “Mathu Vadalara.” The detailed character narration in the screenplay keeps us glued to our seats. The first half focuses solely on the introduction and development of the characters. The humour in this film was a great improvement over the first half. The audience will love Satya’s portrayal of the character. Both Vennela Kishore and Naresh Agastya are excellent in their respective roles. Our mood is energised by an engaging story and script. Ritesh Rana did a fantastic job directing the comic sections of this movie, which covered fascinating topics like memes and YouTube reactions. The plot looks to be lagging by the end of the second half. This weekend, watch “Happy Birthday” at least once for a good time.


    Lavanya Tripathi gave a passionate and loving performance in her role. She did all possible to produce a stellar performance as “Happy.” This movie’s strengths are Satya’s jokes and the funny material. Vennela Kishore’s performance as a politician is a delightful pleasure. Getup Srinu, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Naresh Agastya, among other actors, delivered performances that were true to their parts.

    Technical Aspects

    As movie enthusiasts, we must respect the film’s production values. Kalabhairava’s background score, for which he honed his ability to capture even the smallest noises, serves as the foundation of this film. Sarangam’s cinematography deserves praise; although working with a limited budget, he didn’t sacrifice the calibre of his work. The editing was superbly done by Karthik Srinivas. The plot and screenplay by Ritesh Rana are original and engaging.


    • Background Score
    • Lavanya Tripathi, Sathya, Vennela Kishore
    • Second half comedy


    • Editing
    • Stretched sequences
    • A slightly confusing narration

    Rating: 2.5/5

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