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  • Mahesh Babu is brutally trolled for promoting the TV serials despite being the biggest star

    Superstar Mahesh Babu is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in Indian cinema. His name alone can make the masses go frenzy. Over the years, the actor became a demigod, particularly in Telugu states. Mahesh was well-liked by the Hindi audience even before the pan-Indian wave. Without a pan-Indian movie, Mahesh continues to maintain a broad appeal in the Hindi market. This alone encapsulates his appeal.

    Mahesh is currently occupied with his 28th film, which is being directed by Trivkiram.  The shooting has recently formally begun. On social media, Mahesh’s makeover for this movie has gone viral. Mahesh will work with highly regarded director Rajamouli on his 29th movie after this one, as the latter has made a formal announcement. Rajamouli claims that SSMB29 will be a globe-trotting action movie. Mahesh is one of the bankable stars in Indian film, with a number of big projects under his belt. He is the face of several brand endorsements outside of movies, which earns him a sizable salary. His glittering on-screen image and generous off-screen image give him everything.

    Mahesh’s supporters, however, have recently expressed some disappointment with his choices. Mahesh just agreed to a hefty contract to promote a well-known TV channel’s brand. Mahesh is currently marketing various reality shows on the TV channel in accordance with the terms of the agreement, but what infuriated his fans is that the actor has also been seen promoting the serial operas on the TV station. One of the most frequently trolling topics on the internet is soap operas. The soap operas on this channel are also regarded as the worst. Mahesh’s marketing of these shows has left his followers feeling incredibly let down. Anti-Mahesh supporters even started making fun of the actor for this action.

    To consider the opposing viewpoint Off-screen, Mahesh is well renowned for his philanthropic endeavours. He has invested millions of dollars on the needs of the poor. He has funded many poor people’s surgeries. Mahesh only releases one or two movies per year. He has his own responsibilities and expenses as an actor, humanitarian, and father. We are not authorized to criticise his choices. Let him do his work so that he can be at peace.

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