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  • Mahesh Babu will receive the final narration from Trivikram for “#SSMB28” in 2 to 3 days.

    Trivikram has had the necessary time to make the revisions to the #SSMB28 script, and it has been confirmed that he would re-read the script to Mahesh Babu in two to three days. Mahesh Babu, as was previously known, was not quite satisfied with Trivikram’s script for SSMB28, and, in the meantime, Mahesh left for a family holiday in New York. Mahesh Babu created an impact in New York and connected with a number of fascinating individuals, including Bill Gates, the richest man on earth.

    With the PAN India focus and the general public’s shifting theater-going habits, one positive development in Tollywood is that the major actors are being more cautious with the scripts. The days of people still going to the cinema to see a bad movie are long gone. Thanks to social media, these movies are now immediately written off, and the few viewers left will watch them on later OTT. Therefore, in order for a movie to be successful in theatres, it needs to have a unique idea, a script that is bounded and well-defined so that it can be imagined beforehand, and sequences of large-scale elevation.

    Mahesh Babu’s film (#SSMB28) with Trivikram is scheduled to begin production in August, but Mahesh Babu fans want it to begin shooting as soon as possible. They are extremely eager as Mahesh Babu’s #ssmb29 is being planned with Rajamouli. Around 500 crores would be spent on making this film, SSMB29, and Rajamouli wants to cast Nani and make it a multi-starrer.

    Pooja Hegde was cast as Mahesh Babu’s co-star in this film #SSMB28. Prior to this, Mahesh and Trivikram worked together on two films: Athadu (2005) and Khaleja (2006).

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