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  • Mark Antony Movie Review: A Hilarious Ride with a Touch of Simplicity

    Cast & Crew

    Lead Roles: Vishal, Ritu Varma, SJ Surya, Sunil, Selva Raghavan, Karthi, Abhinaya, and more

    Direction: Adhik Ravichandran

    Cinematography: Abhinandan Ramanujam

    Music: GV Prakash Kumar

    Production: S. Vinod Kumar

    Release Date: September 15, 2023

    Vishal commands a robust presence in Telugu cinema. His releases often garner the same level of enthusiasm as any top-tier Tollywood star. Whether hit or miss, Vishal’s allure has remained unwavering. With the recent release of “Mark Antony” globally, did it match the audience’s high expectations? Let’s dive into the review.


    Vishal takes on the role of Mark, a diligent mechanic. His buddy Chiranjeevi (Selva Raghavan) crafts a special phone allowing conversations with those from bygone eras. Amidst Mark’s longing to speak with his late father, Antony, he stumbles upon plans against his father’s life. To unravel the mystery of how he safeguards his father and the curious resurrection, the film is a must-watch.


    The narrative is intriguing, focusing on time-travel. SJ Surya, portraying Prem, steals the show every time he graces the screen, bringing a hearty dose of laughter. The duo of Vishal and SJ Surya, especially pre-intermission, keeps viewers engaged. However, with a strong touch of Tamil flavor, some Telugu viewers might feel slightly out of place. Yet, its humor-centric approach is commendable.


    In “Mark Antony,” the characters don an array of fascinating avatars. Vishal, playing a dual role, doesn’t fail to impress. Particularly, his action sequences are riveting. SJ Surya, in his role as Don and his offspring Marthanda, showcases impeccable comedic skills. While Sunil’s screen time is limited, Ritu Varma and the supporting cast did justice to their roles. Selva Raghavan, as the time-travel phone’s inventor, stands out with a distinctive look.

    Directorial Take

    Adhik Ravichandran’s unique choice of blending time-travel with comedy resonates with viewers. However, a touch more attention to the actor and actress’s looks, and screenplay could’ve heightened the experience.


    “Mark Antony” shines in production quality. While GV Prakash Kumar’s music might be average, the background score stands out. The cinematography is satisfactory, but there’s room for improvement in editing.


    Stellar acting by Vishal and SJ Surya

    Rib-tickling comedy sequences


    Mundane segments post-intermission

    A rather linear narrative

    Verdict: For those in search of genuine laughs, “Mark Antony” is a must-watch!

    Rating: 3/5

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