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  • Married? Here’s Why You Live Longer Than Your Single Friends

    Did you ever think that your marital status was going to affect your health?  In a recent study on this subject, some unexpected results popped up. A married person is less likely to die young, according to the study.

    When compared to single or unmarried adults, being married was related with a 15% lower risk of death from all causes, according to the study published in the journal JAMA Network Open. Those who tied the knot were also 20% less likely to die from accidents, injuries, or heart disease.

    According to the latest research, marriage has a good impact on a person’s physical and mental health. In times of need, the partners encourage their spouses to seek medical assistance. Better financial security and a healthier lifestyle come with marriage. People want to be looked after by someone. If they don’t have somebody to look after them, they may feel lonely and depressed. A marriage can provide emotional comfort for the couples, keeping them out of depression, loneliness, and anxiety. Men who are not married are also more likely to drink excessively, eat unhealthily, and engage in harmful activities, according to a new study.

    Take a look at the numbers of this 15-year-long survey

    The number of people surveyed was 623,140.

    The average age of the people was 54.

    Marital Status: 86.4% of the total people surveyed were married.

    In 15 years, 123,264 people have died.

    Most deaths were caused by cancer (41,362), cerebrovascular diseases (14,563), and respiratory diseases (13,583).

    The findings revealed that unmarried persons were 12% more likely than married people to die from cerebrovascular illness, which includes strokes and aneurysms. Unmarried people had a 17% higher chance of dying from circulatory system diseases such heart attacks, heart disease, and heart failure. They also had a 19% higher chance of dying from an external cause, such as an accident or injury.

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