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  • Meet Arthur, a husband who maintains a sex schedule for each of his nine wives.

    Meet Arthur O Urso, a Brazilian Instagram model, and influencer. He is better known around the world for marrying his nine girlfriends at once. Arthur is a person who believes in free love and dislikes being bound to a single marriage, often known as monogamy. Polygamy is something he firmly believes in.

    Arthur made international headlines in July 2021 when he married all of his nine girlfriends. Since then, they’ve all been living together. Arthur O Urso recently revealed his struggle to cope with the tremendous task of balancing his multiple wives. When it came to making love, his problems only became worse. He claimed that after his marriage, he and his wives devised a sex rota to meet their sexual needs.


    He had set a sex schedule for each of his ladies, but the rota turned out to be the worst over time. He felt compelled to implement a sex timetable in order to ensure that everyone got their fair amount of lovemaking.


    In his own words, he said, 

    ‘However, sticking to a rota generated a lot of complications, and I sometimes felt compelled to have sex for the sake of the schedule, rather than for pleasure.’

    ‘I had sex with one wife while thinking about another on other occasions.’

    Because of the problems in the bedroom, Arthur decided to stop using the sex rota and instead focus on letting things ‘flow naturally.’

    He now confesses that his sex life is better than ever, saying, “It doesn’t take long to receive attention or affection when you have so many wives”

    ‘Experiencing everything together is incredibly enjoyable, pleasurable, and unique, and they’re all very different in bed.’ ‘I appreciate a lady who tells me what she wants,’ he said. 


    Arthur also said that Jealousy among their wives is a concern of him now. Recently his first wife broke her marriage with him as she started missing monogamy. Her reason left Arthur puzzled. With his first wife leaving the adventure, his wives count came down to 8. Arthur has a dream of marrying 10 women and having a child with each one of them.


    ‘I’m having a nightmare. My lifelong ambition has been to have ten spouses. Although I only have one daughter, I want to have [children] with each of my marriages.’

    ‘I have the same feelings for each of them. I believe it would be unequal to have only one or two children.’ – said this husband of 9 women.

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