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  • Meet Babu, a school dropout earning in crores by selling Donkey milk.

    U.Babu, a school dropout, made a million dollar fortune by starting a donkey farm and selling donkey milk. He currently runs a 17-acre donkey farm and sells one liter of donkey milk to a Bangalore-based cosmetic manufacturing company for 7000 rupees.

    Babu, who grew up in Vannarpet, has never been particularly interested in academics. He dropped out of school after finishing his 11th grade and went to work as a pharmaceutical wholesaler. This led him to a company that produced 28 cosmetic goods using donkey milk. The company needed a reliable monthly supply of 1,000 liters of donkey milk. Babu did not spend any time in seizing the opportunity. He spoke with his wife and family, who initially refused to nod, but later agreed to back him after his repeated requests.

    Babu went around Tamil Nadu looking for a suitable donkey breed. Babu eventually established a donkey farm with 100 animals. The farm was built on a 17-acre plot of land. Babu claims that his farm has a wide variety of donkey breeds ranging in price from 40,000 to 1 lakh rupees. Babu and his family are in charge of the “Donkey Palace” farm. They’re also looking for a way to expand their business to other clients, according to Babu.

    The anti-aging properties of donkey milk make it popular in the beauty business. Donkey milk has a huge demand all over the world. A soap made of donkey milk in India costs around 800 rupees, while the same soap costs in the USA around 16.77 dollars (13000). This young entrepreneur’s story is going viral on the internet and television.

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