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  • Megastar Chiranjeevi changed his name as per numerology or typo mistake?

    Did you guys observe something strange in Megastar Chiranjeevi’s brand new ‘Godfather’ first look? If you started thinking about his chic looks or other factors of the upcoming film’s teaser then you are going in the wrong direction.

    If you have observed closely, a slight change is visible when his trademark name appears on the screen. The spelling of his name was modified by adding an additional “E”; previously it was spelled as ‘Chiranjeevi’ but in The Godfather’s first look it was spelled as ‘Chiranjeeevi’. 

    Is this change a numerological effect?

    Everyone, whether a commoner or a celebrity, has their own set of beliefs and superstitions.The film industry is no different. Many big stars believe in numerology. Stars like Sai Dharam Tej and director Marthuii modified their names on the numerologist’s suggestion in order to maintain their success streak. But, it’s just their personal belief. 

    The modified spelling of Megastar Chiranjeevi also makes us speculate about his numerological beliefs because Chiru’s political career is an utter disaster and his last two films are also the biggest disasters of his career. Our current understanding of his professional trajectory strongly suggests that his lately changed name is the outcome of his numerological beliefs. However, he and his team have not yet made any official announcements.

    Some of the other sources state that it’s just a typo error in the teaser. Well, a typo error in a megastar film, let alone on his name… makes it difficult to trust.

    What do you say about this?

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