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  • Megastar Chiranjeevi’s “Godfather” first look guarantees the goosebumps

    The highly anticipated film “Godfather,” featuring megastar Chiranjeevi, has a dramatic first trailer. According to the teaser, Megastar appears to be portraying a very influential politician in this movie. The moviegoers will surely experience shivers in his presence. His presence will undoubtedly send goosebumps through his audience and supporters.

    The first trailer for “Godfather” is pure adrenaline for major fans. With salt-and-pepper hair, an elegant pair of spectacles, and a black Kurta, the megastar presents a polished image. The clip concludes with his distinctive walking gait. Megastar plays a prominent politician in this film. The stunning musical score by Thaman sends goosebumps down our spine when Megastar steps out of the car. Sunil, an actor, was shown in the footage as the megastar’s assistant.

    To be completely honest, Megastar deserves this position and this particular appearance. His fans all across the world like watching his strong performances. Chiru hasn’t recently played a part with a lot of influence. But the Boss is back with a bang thanks to “Godfather.”

    The story of a powerful chief minister who passes away which causes instability in the state as other powerful people strive for the position is told in the Mohan Raja-directed movie “Godfather.” The motion picture “Godfather” is a remake of Mohan Lal’s “Lucifer.” The film is set for this year’s dasara season.

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