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  • Mokshagna Teja: Will Mokshagna Play a Powerful Role in Akhanda Sequel, Directed by Boyapati?

    Fans have long anticipated the debut of Mokshagna Teja, the son of Nandamuri Balakrishna, and are excited to see their favorite hero’s son on screen. Recently, Balakrishna confirmed Mokshagna’s upcoming debut, sparking even more excitement among the fans. Stylish and handsome photos of Mokshagna have recently surfaced, showcasing his transformation and winning over fans with his new look as a hero. Additionally, a recent update about Mokshagna’s entry into the film industry has thrilled Nandamuri fans.

    Entry with a Balakrishna Movie?

    A film collaboration between Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Srinu is on the horizon. This forthcoming film, a sequel to their blockbuster hit ‘Akhanda‘, is currently in the pre-production phase. An official announcement regarding the sequel has been made recently, with shooting expected to commence soon. The latest buzz indicates that Mokshagna is set to play a significant role in this sequel. It is reported that director Boyapati Srinu has specifically written a part for Mokshagna, who is anticipated to make his appearance in the second half of the film. Test shoots involving Mokshagna have reportedly been conducted, with an official confirmation still pending. If confirmed, this film will mark Mokshagna’s debut in the film industry, starring alongside his father, Balakrishna, which has greatly excited the fans.

    Director Prasanth Varma’s Venture!

    On another note, fans of Nandamuri, as well as average cinema lovers, are looking forward to Mokshagna’s first film as a hero. Recently, it was reported that Mokshagna’s movie under the direction of ‘Hanuman’ fame Prasanth Varma has been finalized. The script has also been completed, and if all goes as planned, the film is expected to commence this year. Prasanth Varma has had a good relationship with Balakrishna for a long time and even directed the Unstoppable show starring Balakrishna on Aha. This existing relationship has led Balakrishna to entrust his son’s debut film to Prasanth Varma.

    In a Handsome Look…

    Mokshagna has completely transformed his appearance, turning into a dashing figure. His recent photos, featuring a stylish haircut, have gone viral, showcasing his mesmerizing new looks. Being fit, he has surprised everyone, proving himself to be bona fide star material. Nandamuri fans are overjoyed to see Mokshagna embodying the exact image they had envisaged for Balakrishna’s son. Posts have been made suggesting that another Nandamuri successor is about to step into the industry.

    Debut at 29!

    The Nandamuri family is one of the most prominent families in the Telugu film industry. Junior NTR, from this family, gained recognition as a leading actor in Tollywood with his debut at 17 in the movie ‘Ninnu Choodalani’. Currently, at 29, Mokshagna is set to make his entry as an actor heir at a comparatively later age. Balakrishna has long been endeavoring to launch his son as a hero. However, due to changes in physique, Mokshagna’s entry was delayed. Now, after all these years, his transformation into hero material has deeply gratified his fans.

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