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  • Mumbai adores Vijay Devarakonda

    The nation’s heartthrob, “Vijay Devarakonda,” is a pan-Indian phenomenon without a pan-Indian film. The ‘Liger’ mayhem at a shopping mall in Navi Mumbai is a small glimpse of Vijay Devarakonda’s popularity in the country. 

    A “Liger” promotional event was recently held in Navi Mumbai. Guess what, the upcoming film’s lead actor, Vijay Devarakonda, and his fans have lit up the arena. Even the event’s organisers, the emcee, and co-star Ananya Pandey were taken aback by the overwhelming fan support for Vijay in the heartland of Bollywood. As one of the supporters fainted in the arena, the organisers and Vijay asked the crowd to slow down since the venue was so crowded. Vijay and Ananya fled the event in the middle since it appeared to be out of control. That is absolute madness.

    How did Vijay Devarakonda make it into the hearts of  Hindi speaking audiences?

    South Indian stars do have fans in the northern states of India, but Vijay Devarakonda is something else. He hasn’t had a Hindi release yet, but he’s on par with the top South stars in terms of fan base among Hindi-speaking audiences. Vijay is very well-liked by both men and women due to some of his distinctive features. He exudes a unique appeal. No matter where he goes, he is energetic. He is supreme, as seen by his brash confidence. He became a celebrity among the masses because of his genuine and mature speeches. Not to mention, he is an outsider.

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