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  • Naga Shaurya’s “Krishna Vrinda Vihari” Review

    Naga Shaurya, an actress, once aspired to be a promising new talent. However, a spate of failures over the past few years has caused a sharp drop in his career graph. The actor is in dire need of a major hit. His most recent movie, “Krishna Vrinda Vihari,” hit theaters today. Compared to his earlier movies, this one generated a lot of hype. With this movie, singer-turned-actress Shirley Setia makes her Telugu film debut. Can Naga Shaurya’s career be revived by this movie? Let’s check.


    Krishna (Naga Shaurya), who comes from a south Indian brahmin household, develops feelings for Vrinda, a north Indian woman (Shirley Setia). After several failed attempts at courting her, he finally succeeds. Soon,  they tie the knot. How did their marriage life go? What difficulties did they encounter during their marriage? How did the parents of Krishna and Vrinda feel about their marriage? These issues are central to the movie’s whole plot.


    As a brahmin boy, Naga Shaurya gave an admirable performance. He set everything up so it would appear real on the screen. Shirley Setia’s acting failed to captivate the audience. Before stepping into the roles, she needs to attend acting classes. Her performance on screen shows a lack of authenticity. Other supporting actors with comedic chops, such Brahmaji, Rahul Rama Krishna, and Satya, made an impression. 

    Technical Values:

    This movie’s plot is similar to Nani’s most recent release, “Ante Sundaraniki.” Anish Krishna, the director, had the option of choosing a different storyline and a stronger screenplay. In many scenes, the movie seems sluggish. The emotional scenes seem forced. The main strength of this movie is the comic track. The cinematography and dialogues are unremarkable. The tunes are interesting. Excellent production values are used.


    Some scenes in the second half

    Comedy track

    Naga Shaurya 




    Lack of strong characterisation

    Conclusion :  “Krishna Vrinda Vihari” is a pure one-time watch material.

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