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  • Nani’s Controversial Comments on Ticket Price Hike Goes Viral

    Natural Star Nani’s upcoming release, ‘Ante Sundaraniki,’ is all set to start its journey in theaters this Friday, June 10. As the movie’s release is just 3 days away, the movie unit is busily promoting their film. In this film, Nazriya Fahadh plays Nani’s love interest.The trailer and music for this upcoming film were well received by the audience. This film marks the biggest release for Nani in the post-pandemic era.

    Nani isn’t known for getting involved in controversies, but a few months ago he fired back at the government for drastically lowering cinema ticket costs. According to Nani, lowering ticket prices disrespects the audience as well as the artists’ hard work. His remarks went viral at the time, sparking a heated debate with YSRCP leaders.

    However, in response to the film chamber’s appeal, the Andhra Pradesh government reversed their decision. A few exemptions were made by the government, and the price-hiking mechanism was implemented. However, the increase in ticket prices appears to have had a massive effect on recent films. As a result of the ticket increases, many recent films have underperformed at the box office. Nani’s previous comments have gone viral, as his film is scheduled to be released in theaters at regular pricing without any price increases. The actor has come under fire from the ruling party’s leaders. Nani responded to this at a promotional event for ‘Ante Sundaraniki.’

    “I never suggested that ticket prices should be raised by hundreds of rupees; I merely said that retaining ticket prices at Rs. 20,50 would lead to the industry’s demise, and I don’t regret expressing my opinion.”

    Nani’s responses are causing a stir on the internet. How do you feel about this?