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  • ‘Newbrew’ the Beer Made from Urine

    Singapore has introduced a brand of beer which is made from human urine. Jezzz! dazed? This is real, believe it or not. A brewery in Singapore called ‘Newbrew’ has taken this step to bring awareness about water conservation. ‘New water’, the filtered sewage water, is used in place of water in the production of this ‘Newbrew’ beer.

    Singapore is experiencing a significant water crisis due to a lack of natural water supplies and small geographical area. The Singapore government has devised a new formula to fix the situation. Water makes up about 90% of the volume of a beer. The Singapore government cannot afford that much water for beverage production. In the midst of this crisis, the local government decided to stick with the ‘New Water’ formula.

    The sewage-recycled beer, known as ‘Newbrew,’ is brewed with the finest ingredients, including premium German barley malts, aromatic Citra and Calypso hops, and kveik, Norwegian yeast. The ‘New water’ does not contaminate the malt, hop, or yeast strain flavours that the brewer carefully controls in the production of beer.


    The Newbrew is probably Singapore’s ‘greenest beer,’ with the goal of raising awareness of water recycling and reuse. By creating this drink to raise awareness about Singapore’s water scarcity, the country’s water department has found a solution to fight the future water crisis.

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