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  • No Biryani, no wedding.  Wedding has been cancelled due to a missing biryani as a result of a Zomato error, according to Family.

    The wedding arrangements are completed in a grand style in a house.  Friends and relatives all reached out. Lunch was ordered from Zomato by the bridal party. Everything was in place for the wedding, and everything looked and sounded great, but the event abruptly came to a halt. Both family members announced that the wedding will be postponed. The guests at the wedding were perplexed as to what was going on. After a while, they were surprised to learn the truth. Family members are furious that this happened as a result of Zomato’s negligence. This bizarre incident occurred in Tamil Nadu state. Due to a lack of biryani, the new couple could not get one.

    The newlyweds chose to reunite on Tuesday in Tamil Nadu’s Orathanadu district. As predicted, the wedding ceremony began with extravagant celebrations. Rather than entrusting the wedding dish menu to a local chef, the wedding family entrusted it to Zomato. For the occasion, they ordered a non-vegetarian biryani from this online food delivery chain.

    The task has been assigned to the RR Biryani Center in Salem by Zomato. From Bangalore, Zomato sent 3,500 kg of meat to the RR Biryani center. People at the RR Biryani Center began cleaning the mutton and chicken in preparation for biryani. During this process, the parcel boxes from Zomato were removed, and it was discovered that the majority of the items were rotten meat.

    The bridal party informed food safety officials after learning about this. The checks determined that the meat was rotten. Zomato has been notified by Salem RR Biryani to comment. Food safety officials have yet to determine whether Zomato or the meat supplier violated any of the food safety requirements. “We have asked the hotel to explain why they shifted the meat to their kitchen, as well as specifics on the cold chain they maintained in the last 24 hours,” officials added.

    The bride and groom’s family members wanted to serve a delicious biryani to the wedding guests. However, due to an unforeseen event and the inability to arrange a delicious dinner, the wedding was also postponed. This unanticipated occurrence is solely the fault of Zomato claims the wedding families.

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