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  • Now You can easily delete your YouTube history with YouTube’s New update: Auto Delete-history

    We spend a lot of time on the internet these days, whether we’re browsing, streaming, or chatting. For security and privacy reasons, most of us delete our internet history. We frequently clear our browsing history from Youtube, as well as our browser history, due to ad suggestions and privacy concerns. Youtube has included a new auto-delete function to prevent manual deletion of history.

    We can quickly delete your YouTube browsing history regularly using this auto-delete function. Follow these instructions to enable this function on your computer or mobile phone.


    • Go the dashboard
    • Click on the option  ‘History’ 
    • Go to ‘Manage all history’  
    • Click on the ‘Auto Delete Activity’
    • Select the time period 
    • Proceed 

    Your video browsing history will be deleted in a second.

    Mobile Application

    • Click on your Profile Icon
    • Choose the option Settings
    • Click on the ‘History & Privacy’
    • Click on ‘Manage all activity’
    • Click on the ‘Auto Delete Activity’
    • Select the time period 
    • Proceed 

    The last steps are the same for both web and mobile versions.

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