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  • NTR keeps Koratala Siva’s #NTR30 in the waiting list

    With NTR’s firm action, the talented filmmaker Koratala Siva is apparently in much more trouble. As everyone is aware, this director and actor team is working on NTR30. But despite finishing filming for “RRR” about a year ago, NTR’s movie with Koratala Siva has yet to be launched. Various factors led to the repeated delay of NTR30.

    In response to NTR’s request, Siva recently reworked the original script and wrote a new one. However, Siva’s situation continues to appear dire. According to our sources, Siva’s script did not impress NTR. Bucchi Babu, the director of “Uppena,” gave NTR a script to read and received the actor’s approval. The project of Bucchi Babu is currently receiving more interest from NTR than the project of Siva.

    Siva, who has just experienced severe financial problems, will be crushed by NTR’s firm choice. Bucchi Babu, on the other hand, is already looking for the best locations for the movie.

    NTR30 has been the subject of numerous rumours, however none of the parties involved have responded to these rumours in the media. We must simply wait and observe to discover what is actually happening with Siva and NTR.

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