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  • On Twitter, the anti-Anusuya Bharadwaj hashtag #Aunty is trending

    Anasuya has been mired in social media turmoil with the star hero’s fans. Since she dropped a targeted tweet against Vijay Devarakonda and his movie ‘Liger’, a tweet war started between Vijay Deverakonda fans and her.

    Yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of the release of Arjun Reddy and Vijay Deverakonda’s new film, “Liger,” in theaters. The Liger movie, which has been aggressively advertised and widely released, was panned by critics and audiences. Anasuya, who opposed Vijay Deverkonda for using explicit language against the women in his film Arjun Reddy, has made a cryptic tweet aimed at Vijay Deverakonda.

    The battle on social media didn’t end there. The supporters of every other star hero banded together in response to Anasuya’s tweet and made numerous jokes about her. The majority of the audience believes that Anasuya is exaggerating this issue. They advise her to view films objectively and without judgment.

    Despite this, Anansuya persisted in responding to insulting tweets aimed at her. In a handful of her tweets, she complained about body and age shaming against her. She issued a warning to her troll that she will report them to the police for harassing her in their tweets.

    In response to Anasuya’s slew of tweets and warnings, the Telugu twitterites are trolling her with the hashtag # Aunty. This hashtag is currently topping the Twitter trends. Till now, no celebrity has responded to Anansuya’s controversial tweets. Let’s see how this Twitter war finds an end.

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