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  • OTT Suggestion: Tremendous Response to ‘Em Chestunnav?’

    Previously, small films rarely captured the audience’s interest, and theater owners were hesitant to screen them due to the fear of low turnout, despite good content. However, the arrival of OTT platforms has changed this, allowing small films direct access to streaming where they thrive if the content is good. The latest to join this trend is ‘Em Chestunnav?‘, a love entertainer which is doing well on OTT with impressive viewership.

    Streaming Details:

    The film, featuring Vijay Raj kumar as the hero, and Neha Pathani and Amitha Ranganath as the heroines, released in theaters on August 25 last year and received average reviews. It debuted on the prominent Telugu OTT platform ETV Win on March 28 and is now achieving record views. Ranked third in viewership following ‘90’s Middle Class Biopic‘ and ‘Valari‘, this average theater performer is now receiving special appreciation on OTT, delighting the makers. Produced by Naveen Kuruv and Kiran Kuruv, the film’s music is by Gopi Sundar.

    What’s Special?

    Director Bharath Mitra crafted this film centered around the dilemmas faced by today’s youth. It explores whether one should follow parental guidance or pursue personal goals. The film intricately portrays the challenges faced by youth caught between aspirations and romantic entanglements, ultimately delivering a message that with clear goals and support, even the seemingly impossible can be achieved. This family-friendly entertainer, free from vulgarity, can be comfortably watched at home.

    What’s the Story?

    Sai (Vijay Rajkumar), a B.Tech graduate, idles away his days without a clear goal, facing constant nagging from neighbors and relatives asking, “Em Chestunnav?” He meets Nakshatra and they fall in love. She suggests he manage her family’s hotel business, but his negligence leads to a breakup. Two years later, Sreshta enters his life, bringing significant changes. How these changes affect his life and how he finally answers the recurring question forms the crux of the story.

    Telugu.yousay.tv Rating: 2.5/5

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