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  • Pawan Kalyan Movies Update: Pending Movies on Pawan Kalyan’s Radar… A Grand Treat for Fans!

    Once known primarily for his role in Tollywood, Power Star Pawan Kalyan is making waves nationally in the political arena. His party, Janasena, garnered national attention by securing all the contested seats (21 MLAs and 2 MPs) in the AP Assembly elections with a 100% success rate. Over the past decade, Pawan has juggled his careers in both politics and film. However, he paused his involvement in cinema around the time of the AP elections, halting the production of his films ‘OG’, ‘Hari Hara Veera Mallu’, and ‘Ustaad Bhagat Singh’. After the elections, with Pawan Kalyan stepping into the role of Deputy Chief Minister, he has shifted his focus back to completing these pending films.

    Shooting Resumes Soon

    Currently, Pawan Kalyan has three major projects in hand: ‘Ustaad Bhagat Singh‘, ‘OG‘, and ‘Hari Hara Veera Mallu‘. The shooting for these films is largely complete except for a few scenes involving Pawan’s character. It is reported that he is adjusting his dates for these three films and will soon meet with the producers to discuss his schedule. He plans to allocate two months to complete these films before fully turning his focus back to politics.

    ‘Pawan was the instigator of quarrels’

    In an interview organized on the occasion of the successful streaming of the web series ‘Paruvu‘, produced by Chiranjeevi’s eldest daughter Sushmita Konidela on Zee5, Sushmita made intriguing comments about her uncle, Pawan Kalyan. “Charan and I used to fight in our childhood because of Uncle Pawan. He would instigate quarrels between us just for fun and then enjoy the show. He was always playful with us. We are happy to see him succeed in politics now. He’s a people’s person and would do anything for them,” said the mega daughter.

    A Special Gift from the Uncle

    Having taken on responsibilities as the Deputy Chief Minister of AP, Pawan Kalyan, gave his nephew, mega hero Sai Dharam Tej, a special gift, surprising him. The related photo was shared with fans on social media. “My uncle introduced me to Star Wars Lego, and now I finally got the chance to gift it back to the kid in him,” expressed an elated Tej. The post has since gone viral online. Recently, on Saturday (June 15), Sai Dharam Tej walked to Tirumala to offer his respects and thanksgiving following his uncle’s victory, a gesture that has deeply touched mega fans.

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