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  • People started donating clothes to Ranveer Singh

    A donation campaign “donate clothes to Ranveer Singh” is launched in Indore in response to the actor’s most recent nude pictures. For the Paper Magazine picture photoshoot, the actor stripped completely.

    Ranveer’s nude images have received a lot of negative criticism from the general public around the country, despite some positive comments from his fellow actors and actresses. The actor’s nude photos have been the subject of internet memes for the last two to three days.

    The people of Madhya Pradesh went a step farther and launched a donation drive for the actor. The video related to this cloth donation drive has gone viral on social media.

    People could be seen lining up to drop off clothing inside a box that had pictures of Ranveer from the photo shoot and an insulting tagline that said “manasik kachra” in the video (mental garbage).

    Take a look


    Additionally, Ranveer’s photo shoot got him into legal difficulties. On Monday, a demand was made to the Mumbai Police to register a First Information Report (FIR) accusing Ranveer of “hurting sensibilities of women” by posting nude photos on social media.

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