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  • Planning a trip to Rushikonda Beach? Read this

    One of India’s best and most stunning beaches is Rushikonda Beach. The beauty that this beach boasts is quite mesmerizing and magnificent, set amidst a frothy blue sea and emerald greenery. This God-gifted beach is famous for its golden sands, clean waves from the Bay of Bengal, and beautiful mangrove forest surroundings. Every year, this beach draws millions of visitors from all over the world due to its splendor. You must travel to Rushikonda Beach if you want to get away from the urban sprawl and noisy traffic.

    Rushikonda Beach is a marvelous tourism destination for people of all ages. For lovers of nature, it might as well be described as heaven. Valleys, fauna, and mangroves all must be explored. Rushikonda Beach’s wide body of water makes it the ideal location for participating in water sports including swimming, water skiing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, boomerang, and others.

    It’s a fascinating experience all around to spend some quality time here on the beach, where the atmosphere is calm and welcoming. The Rishikonda Beach is an ideal destination for a peaceful weekend getaway and is located just 8 kilometers away from the port of Vishakapatnam, making the place very accessible.


    There are both public and private transportation choices to Rushikonda Beach from every corner of Vishakapatnam as the city’s transportation infrastructure is so well-developed. From early morning into the wee hours, the Andhra Pradesh government operates its bus services (APSRTC). Vishakapatnam Railway Station offers rail service as well. Even if you travel in your own car, the well-built roads will make the trip incredibly smooth.

    Rushikonda Beach from

    Vishakapatnam Airport 

    • By Bus

    The distance to Rushikonda Beach from Vishakapatnam Airport is only 30 kilometres. It will take about two hours if we decide to travel by bus. The Dwaraka bus terminal has the following buses: 500, 500A, 38J, and 38D. We can also get the 540 bus from MVP Circle.

    • By Taxi

    Many cab services are available in Vizag, the cab journey approximately takes one hour to reach Rushikonda Beach.

    Railway Station

    Only 15 kilometres separate Vishakapatnam Railway Station and Rushikonda Beach. From the Railway Station, one must take a two-minute walk to the East Co. Railway bus terminal, where the 900K and 900R bus services are available. Rushikonda Beach may be reached in around 30 minutes if you decide to hire a cab from the Railway Station.

    Bus Station

    Vishakapatnam main bus station is exactly 15 kilometers away from Rushikonda Beach. 900k is the ideal Bus to reach your destination. Also all kinds of taxi services are available from here.

    Activities in Rushikonda Beach

    • Scuba Diving (Approx 4500 ) 
    • Snorkeling (Approx 1500)
    • Paramotoring( Approx 200)
    • Speed Boating ( Approx 200)

    Snorkeling and scuba diving are thrilling underwater excursions that leave us with lifelong memories. Vizag is among the top locations for participating in it and discovering astounding aquatic life.

    Note : The minimum age required for the activity is 10 yrs.

    • The operational hours of this activity are 7 AM to 6 PM.
    • Explore the underwater marine life that includes beautiful corals, various fishes, turtles, etc.
    • The activity is available in two variants: shore diving (5 m depth) and boat diving (10-12 m depth).

    The companies like SAAP Water Sports Center , Fun adventures, AP Tourism Boating, Adventure Boulders Club offer the various water sports services at Rushikonda Beach.


    Best time to visit

    •  October to March (the temperature during this time stays between 15 °C to 30 °C.)

    Top Hotels in Rushikonda Beach

    In Vizag, travelers of all socioeconomic levels can find a hotel that suits their preferences and convenience.

    Five Star Hotels

    If you want to stay in a luxurious hotel when you are in Vizag, The star hotels on the list below are perfect for you.

    • Radisson Blu Resort 1.9KM (Approx Rs 8500 to 11000 Per Night)
    • Novotel (11K.M distance) (Approx Rs 8500 to 11000 Per Night)
    • ITC Hotel (11K.M distance) ( Approx Rs 5000 to 7000 Per Night)
    • Gateway Hotel (11K.M distance)(Approx Rs5000 to 6500/- Per Night)
    • Sheraton   (11K.M distance) (Approx Rs4000 to 5000/- Per Night)
    • The Park Visakhapatanam (Approx Rs 5000 to 6000/ Per Night )

    Regular Hotels

    If you want to stay in a regular hotel during your Vizag trip, the hotels on the list below are perfect for you.

    • Treebo Trend 36 In Yendada (Approx Rs1600 to 2100/- Per Night)
    • WALTAIR ABODE ( Approx Rs 2000 to 2500/-Per Night)
    • Treebo Trend Seabreeze Comforts(Approx Rs 1700 to 2100 Per Night)
    • Hotel Renuka ( Approx Rs1200 to 2100/-Per Night)
    • Kushi HomeStay Guest House (Approx Rs 1500 to 5000 Per Night)
    • Hotel Destiny  (Approx Rs1200 to 1400 /- Per Night)
    • Blue Beach Guest House(Approx Rs1300 to 1500 /- Per Night)

    Other destinations near Rushikonda Beach

    • Ramakrishna Beach– It stretches along the extent of the main city. Close to the beach, on Beach Road, are other tourist attractions.
    • Dolphin’s Nose– It is a hill, so named because its headland has the shape of a dolphin’s nose. 
    • Submarine Museum-Located on Beach Road, close to the Ramakrishna Beach
    • Visakha Museum-An old Dutch bungalow near Ramakrishna Beach, also known as the Corporation Museum. 
    • Kailasagiri-The park situated atop Kailasagiri offers the most spectacular views of the city.
    • Simhachalam-About 16km from the city centre lies a small, densely wooded hill known as Simhachalam.
    • Bheemunipatnam Beach-Is a sleepy fishing village near Vizag, and a former Dutch settlement.
    • Yarada Beach-About 15km from the center of the city, located close to the Dolphin’s Nose is the picturesque Yarada Northern end of Beach Road.

    Instagram links of Rushikonda beach pics


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