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  • Police were called to a Punjabi wedding with loud music, and you can’t imagine what happened next?

    Punjabis are known for their highly energetic and enthusiastic weddings and songs. Any party or wedding is incomplete without a Bhangra number and Dhol sounds. If i’m not wrong even you may have a playlist of favourite Punjabi music to dance to during a Bharat ceremony as well.

    A Punjabi wedding was recently held in California. The guests attended the wedding and danced to loud punjabi music and bhangra moves. The police, on the other hand, arrived at the wedding celebrations after receiving a complaint about late-night loud noises. The Punjabi family seemed nervous when the cops interrupted their wedding party.

    Then something surprising happened. The Punjabi family’s anxieties were short-lived, as the cops joined in the wedding festivities. The cops shook their legs to Bhangra hit numbers. The wedding party, thrilled by the police’s generosity, danced with them.

    This video has gone viral on social media. Take a look:

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