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  • Polimera 3: Targeting Bollywood Audiences with ‘Polimera 3’.. Could It Be Another ‘Kantara’?

    The film “Maa Oori Polimera” captivated Telugu audiences so thoroughly that its impact is widely recognized without further explanation. Quietly released on OTT during the pandemic, this film unexpectedly became a sensation. With its story set against a backdrop of black magic, it received a warm reception from viewers. Encouraged by this success, the producers launched its sequel, “Polimera 2,” in theaters, which proved to be just as successful and profitable. Given this success, Dr. Anil Viswanath, the director of Polimera, has embarked on ambitious plans for the series. He announced that the third installment would be released on a pan-India scale.

    On a National Level..

    The horror thrillers “Polimera” and “Polimera 2” featured Satyam Rajesh, Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Baladitya, and Getup Srinu in leading roles. “Polimera 2,” released in theaters last year, achieved significant box office success, breaking even within the first two days. In this context, the movie team recently announced the production of “Polimera 3” and also released a special poster. It is clear that the film is being made at a pan-India level and will be released in Telugu, Hindi, and other South Indian languages. Distributor Vamsi Nandipati is turning producer with “Polimera 3,” and it is known that Bhogendra Gupta, the producer of the Polimera films, will serve as a co-producer.

    Shooting Soon

    Director Dr. Anil Viswanath has finished writing the script for “Polimera 3.” Pre-production activities are currently advancing quickly, and the film unit plans to begin shooting soon, targeting an early release next year. Industry sources indicate that “Part 3” will surpass the first two installments in terms of spectacle, featuring even more twists and a compelling storyline.

    Answers to the Puzzles in ‘Polimera 3’!

    Director Anil Viswanath left several puzzles in “Polimera 2” that will be answered in “Polimera 3.” The climax of “Polimera 2” showed Komurayya (Satyam Rajesh) discovering treasure through black magic in the temple cellar in Jastipalli. As he goes to meet his wife, Lakshmi (Kamakshi Bhaskarla) poisons him. Suddenly, actor Prithvi arrives and shoots Lakshmi on the forehead. Why did Prithvi do that? What did Komurayya do with the treasure? What was Komurayya’s brother Jangayya (Baladitya) searching for? These questions will be addressed in the third part.

    Another ‘Kantara’?

    Kannada actor Rishab Shetty’s “Kantara,” which he directed, became a nationwide sensation with little need for an introduction. Although “Kantara” and “Polimera” are set against village backdrops and feature different storylines, they share themes centered around unseen forces. “Kantara” explores divine power, while “Polimera” delves into black magic. Currently, there is a strong demand for films with unique content in the North. Analysts believe that “Polimera 3” has the potential to captivate Bollywood audiences by offering a fresh and distinctive experience. Consequently, “Polimera 3” is anticipated to make a significant impact at the pan-India level.

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