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  • Ponniyin Selvan review : Is Mani Ratnam’s PS-1 another Baahubali?

    Director Mani Ratnam’s dream project ‘Ponniyian Selvan’ or ‘PS-1’ has finally been released in theaters today. The periodic film is hailed as the ‘Pride of Tamil Cinema.’  This project was attempted to be executed by several generations of Tamil actors and directors, however it was unsuccessful. Thankfully, Mani Ratnam brought the vision to life. The famous book “Ponniyin Selvan” by Kalki Krishnamurthy is the inspiration for this movie. In India, PS-1 has been made available in all of the main languages. Can Mani Ratnam and his warriors create another pan-Indian box office uproar? Let’s check.


    This movie takes us back to Tamil Nadu during the reign of the Chola dynasty. The strong Chola emperor Aditya Karikala assigns Vallavarayu the task of carrying out a plan he had designed. On the orders of Aditya’s younger brother, Ponniyan Selvan, Varavarayulu concocts a plot at this time. Vallavarayulu will make several contacts as part of that. Nandini, on the other hand, waits for the ideal opportunity to exact revenge on Aditya. What is the nature of their genuine conflict? How did Sundara, the Chola king, respond to the warnings he was given? How was the kingdom saved by him? How was Aditya helped by Kundavai? These things that must be viewed on a screen


    As usual, Chiyaan Vikram’s portrayal of Aditya Karikalan, the king, was enthralling. Karthi, who plays Vallavarayu, dominates the show with his superb acting ability and sense of humour. Every sight is reflected in his aura. Karthi is the actor with the most screen time. Aishwarya as Nandini and Trisha as Kundavali both delivered faultless performances and stunning on-screen presence. Jayam Ravi is ideal for his position. He radiated the king’s aura during the fight scenes. Everyone has contributed everything they have to their roles.


    Character development rather than frantic narrative appears to have been director Mani Ratnam’s primary focus. The movie takes its time getting into the narrative and twists because this is the first installment in the series. Some audiences could feel it is tedious. The film’s connection to Tamil culture and history may make it difficult for those who do not speak Tamil to relate to it or comprehend it. Mani Ratnam could have simplified it for speakers of other languages by making a few minor adjustments to the section when the characters are introduced, but he kept to the main Tamil plot instead. The plot twists and turns are excellent, especially near the end. However, Mani Ratnam’s film fails to arouse the massive interest in the audience needed for this project’s second part.

    Technical values

    The heart of this movie is the background music by AR Rahman. People of all ages will love the music that the Academy Award winner has created. The editing by Srikar Prasad and the camerawork by Ravi Varma are two major strengths of this film. The public may have conflicting opinions on the VFX. The extravagant production values are stunning.


    PS-1 is a kind of film that will be loved enormously by people who love slow-paced periodic films.Telugu moviegoers can enjoy the film if they don’t have high expectations, which answers our comparison to “Baahubali” question.

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