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  • Poor TRP ratings for Telugu BiggBoss-6 first episode

    Bigg Boss reality has been the top television programme in Telugu states ever since it debuted. The show’s enormous popularity is the consequence of aggressive advertising, prominent celebrities, and a large-scale production.

    The show has previously been hosted by celebrities including Megastar Chiranjeevi, NTR, Nani, and Nagarjuna. Each of the five seasons was incredibly prosperous. Nagarjuna is now hosting the sixth for the fourth season in a row. Sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu premiered on September 4 and has had terrible ratings, which has come as a huge shock to the organizers. The Bigg Boss Telugu Launch Episode TRPs by Season are as follows:

    Season TRP Rating
    BiggBossTelugu 116.18
    BiggBossTelugu 215.05
    BiggBossTelugu 317.9
    BiggBossTelugu 418.5
    BiggBossTelugu 515.70
    BiggBossTelugu 68.86**

    Unlike the previous seasons this season lacks star power among the contestants, which could account for the audience’s lack of enthusiasm. In addition, the India vs. Pakistan T20 match was broadcast at the same time as the inaugural episode. The season still has a long way to go, maybe things will get better soon.

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