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  • Prabhas to start Krishnam Raju’s dream project ‘Oka Adugu’ with Puri Jagannadh?

    ‘Oka Adugu’ project history

    ‘Rebel Star’ Krishnam Raju’s long-shelved dream project, ‘Okka Adugu,’ has resurfaced. The veteran actor wrote the script for ‘Okka Adugu’ years ago, with the intention of casting his nephew ‘Prabhas’ in it. Prabhas, on the other hand, is currently one of Indian cinema’s biggest stars, with a long list of signed projects under his belt.

    In fact, Krishnam Raju and Prabhas had discussed ‘Okka Adugu’ even before Prabhas’ Baahubali series, but they couldn’t get it together for unknown reasons. Krishnam Raju once told the media about the future of the ‘Okka Adugu’ project.

    “This script was written specifically for Prabha’s persona. It’s been my dream to see my nephew in this role for years. Hopefully, we will be able to move this project forward in the near future.”

    Puri Jagannath to direct ‘Okka Adugu’ ?

    The Rebel Star also stated that the script of ‘Okka Adugu’ necessitates the hiring of a powerful director such as Puri Jagannadh, who is known for making powerful films. Prabhas and Puri Jagannadh are very close friends. This actor and director team has previously collaborated on two projects, ‘Bujjigadu’ and ‘Ek Niranjan.’ Fans would be in for a treat if this dream duo reunited for a third time with ‘Okka Adugu.’

    According to the current scenario, the future of the ‘Okka Adugu’ project appears uncertain, as Prabhas is almost completely booked for the next 3–4 years. However, there are rumours in the industry that Prabhas gave his word to his uncle and mentor, Krishnam Raju, to complete this project. However, none of the parties involved have made an official announcement.

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