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  • KGF’s Prashanth Neel Not Happy with Prabhas?

    Young Rebel Star Prabhas is working on Salaar and Project K, Prashanth Neel is directing Salaar, while Nag Ashwin is directing the other film. Prabhas has finished the second schedule of Project K, according to reports. Starting May 24, he will be a part of Salaar’s next schedule.

    Director Prashanth made several demands to Prabhas regarding his appearance. Prabhas will have to work hard with weights and diet to achieve the director’s goal of a well-toned figure. The reason for Neel’s desire is that Prabhas gained a modest bit of weight for Project K’s appearance, which opened the path for Prashanth Neel’s demands. According to reports, Neel would resume the second schedule of Salaar only if Prabhas appears in shape. Prabhas also agreed with Neel to cut off his body weight for his look in Salaar.

    Salaar is set to hit theaters next year. The film stars Shruthi Hassan alongside Prabhas. Salaar’s official social media handles have been named ‘SalaarTheSaga’ by the producers. Prabhas will play a full-length gangster role in the film.

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