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  • Rajamouli and David Warner Collaboration: What Did They Film Together?

    Australian star cricketer David Warner, known not only for cricket but also as an actor on social media, has surprised everyone in the past by creating reels of various dialogues and songs from Telugu movies. Particularly during his time playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL, he became quite famous among Telugu audiences with his reels imitating stars like Allu Arjun, Prabhas, and Mahesh Babu, which trended on social media. Recently, Warner did an ad shoot with the director Rajamouli, and the related video is currently buzzing on social media.

    Warner asks Rajamouli for a favor!

    For a promotional ad for the payment app CRED, Rajamouli and David Warner teamed up to act in a humorous advertisement. In the opening of the ad, Rajamouli asks Warner, “What should I do to get a discount on match tickets?” Warner replies, “Sir, if you have the CRED UPI app, you’ll get cashback.” Rajamouli responds, “Doesn’t a normal UPI app work?” Warner then humorously insists on a favor in exchange for a discount and asks to feature a movie with him.

    Warner rocks… Rajamouli shocks!

    Imagining David Warner actually starring as a hero in his movies, Rajamouli envisions how the shooting set would look with Warner in a Bahubali-like getup. He contemplates Warner’s antics, dance moves, and dialogues on the set. The ad humorously includes Warner saying lines like “Let’s head to the Oscars,” and “I don’t want a horse, I need a kangaroo,” inducing laughter. The video ends with Rajamouli giving up the movie idea and downloading the CRED app instead. This video, posted on CRED’s official Twitter account, is drawing significant attention not just from movie fans but also from cricket enthusiasts.

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