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  • Rajamouli talks about his favourite Hollywood actor-director and their influence on his films

    India’s ace filmmaker, Rajamouli, recently attended the Toronto Film Festival in Canada. Rajamouli gave a brief lecture about the Indian film industry  and its various subcultures. At the occasion, the director shared the stage with a number of notable international artists.

    Rajamouli covered a wide range of topics in his talk as he discussed his development from a provincial director to an international filmmaker. He gave a comprehensive study of his works, including “Eega,” “Baahubali,” and “RRR.”

    Rajamouli’s period action and mythological films deal with mammoth special effects and breathtaking action sequences. In his most recent movie, “RRR,” which has become a worldwide phenomenon, the director expertly merged these two elements. The director responded that he began the special effects as an experiment when asked about them. He tried with them in a couple of his early movies and grew more intrigued by them; ever since, he has incorporated them throughout his movies.

    In Rajamouli’s films, the action sequences will be on par with the special effects. Whether they are visually stunning movies like Magadheera, the Baahubali series, and RRR or commercial movies like Simhadri, Chatrapathi, and Vikramarkudu. Every movie has some bone-chilling action scenes that have never been seen before and will evoke us while we watch them.

    Speaking on the action scenes and what inspired him to create them, he stated. “I was introduced to Hindi, English, and Telugu action movies at a very young age. Particularly, Hollywood actor/director Mel Gibson’s movies had a big impact on me and my films. His action scenes are unmatched in all of cinema. They inspired me to have greater and better dreams.”

    For those who are unaware, Mel Gibson is an actor and filmmaker who has starred in a number of ground-breaking films, including the “Mad Max” and “Lethal Weapon” series, “The Patriot,” “Gallipoli,” and “Air America.” In addition, he was the director of the films “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Apocalypto,” and “Braveheart.”

    On the work front, Rajamouli will start his next film with Mahesh Babu. Which is gonna be a globetrotting action flick.

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