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  • Rajamouli, we bow to you, RRR (91%) has a higher Rotten Tomatoes rating than Spider-Man: Far from Home (90%)

    SS Rajamouli’s creative marvel ‘RRR’ is gaining popularity among western audiences. The general public in the United States adores this epic. The names SS Rajamouli, Ram Charan, and NTR have recently made waves in the western media. The RRR film and its stars were covered extensively by major American news outlets. Ram Charan and Jr. NTR are gaining popularity among American audiences, who have begun to praise their acting abilities.

    Rotten Tomatoes, an American review aggregator website, rated the film 91 percent fresh, with 43 critic reviews and a 94 percent audience score. Rotten Tomatoes has ranked “RRR” as one of the best movies of 2022. The Batman, one of the year’s biggest Hollywood releases, received an 85 percent critical rating on this website, while Spider-Man: Far from Home received a 90 percent, so this speaks volumes about the film.

    Analysts predict that “RRR” will be nominated for an Oscar in the category of “Best International Film.” With international acclaim, SS Rajamouli’s film made us proud. It would be fantastic if RRR won the Oscar for best international film.

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