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  • Rajasthan: On Their Anniversary, a Woman Killed Her Husband with the Help of Her Lover

    Reshanta Gurjar, from Dausa district in Rajasthan, was married to Omprakash a year ago. However, she had an extramarital affair with a man named Dharmaveer, who is an uncle to her from her mother’s side. 

    The 15th of May marks Om Prakash and Reshanta Gurjar’s first wedding anniversary. Omprakash decided to celebrate their anniversary in a special manner, but his wife had other plans. She made use of the occasion to carry out her nefarious scheme.

    On the night of May 15th, Reshanta Gurjar and her lover DharmaVeer plotted to murder Om Prakash. Reshanta pretended to be sick and asked Om Prakash to bring sleeping tablets as part of her plan. He bought the pills and gave them to her, unaware of her evil intentions. Om Prakash and his mother were served the dish after Reshanta mixed the tablets into it. After they had both fallen asleep, Reshanta called her lover. He arrived and killed Omprakash by slashing his throat with an ax. Dharmaveer rode his vehicle home after killing him. Reshanti went to her room and slept quietly. 

    Even late in the morning, Omprakash’s neighbours had not heard from him. They ran into his house and saw his body, which was covered in blood. The police arrived on the scene soon after receiving this information and began an investigation. In less than 12 hours, the police solved the murder mystery by concluding that Reshanta plotted Omprakash’s murder. Both Reshanthi and Dharmaveer were arrested immediately.

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