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  • Ram Charan as James Bond?

    Since “RRR,” the magnum opus of SS Rajamouli, arrived in theaters, it has gained worldwide recognition from critics all over the world. Even after ten weeks, “RRR” is still the most popular non-English film on Netflix worldwide. The film, which has made over 1100 crores at the global box office, is gearing up for the release in Japan.

    Ram Charan, one of the lead actors in “RRR,” has gained global fame with the film. The actor is being highly adored in America. Ram Charan gained the co-signs of many hollywood directors and critics. Cheo Hodari Coker, the creator of Marvel’s “Luke Cage,” has added him to the list of potential James Bond personalities.

    As everyone is aware, “No Time to Die” from last year marked the end of British actor Daniel Craig’s run as the iconic James Bond. The quest for a new 007 has been ongoing, and now Ram Charan has been proposed by “Luke Cage” creator Cheo Hodari Coker.   It appears that the Marvel creator is also intrigued by Charan’s performance in “RRR”.

    Coker tweeted a list of names as potential candidates for the role of James Bond, including actor Idris Elba, and said that actor Ram Charan may be a strong contender.

    He stated: “Bond? Idris Elba, Ram Charan, Sope Dirisu, Matthew Goode, Damson Idris”

    Coker shared another message that stated, “After that tweet got viral, “Damn! That escalated quickly. Everyone knows Idris from, well, everything, but to get inside my thinking, watch Sope in Gangs Of London, Matthew G in The Offer, Damson in Snowfall, and Ram in RRR. They all deserve a shot at a Savile Row suit and a Walther PPK. “

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