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  • Ram Gopal Varma rebukes the Tollywood big names while mourning the late Krishnam Raju’s death

    On September 11, 3:25 AM, legendary actor, producer, and politician Krishnam Raju passed away. As the “Rebel Star of Telugu Cinema,” Krishnam Raju is always  referred with pride by Telugu people. The versatile actor is one of the pioneers of Telugu cinema. He appeared in classic films such as “Bhakta Kannapa,” “Bobbili Brahmanna,” “Thandra Paparayudu,” and “Katakatala Rudraiah.” In the NDA administration, Krishnam Raju also held the position of Union minister four times.

    Krishnam Raju first married Seeta Devi, who died. He later married Syamala Devi on September 20th, 1996, with whom he has three daughters. Film producer U. Suryanarayana Raju is his younger brother, and actor Prabhas is his nephew. Since Prabhas’ debut film, Eeshwar, until his most recent film, Radhe Shyam, Krishnam Raju has stood for him. There are no words to adequately express the late actor’s love for his nephew Prabhas. Krishnam Raju was pleased when Prabhas became a household name thanks to “Baahubali.” Prabhas, who lost his father when he was a young, had a special bond with his uncle, but yesterday, he also passed away. Today, Krishnam Raju’s final rituals will be conducted at his farm house in Hyderabad.

    The late actor’s passing is being lamented by everyone in Tollywood. Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma made outrageous statements on the Telugu cinema industry while addressing this sorrowful event. The industry leaders were criticized by the director for continuing with shootings despite the death of the legendary actor. Additionally, he asserted that continuing with the shootings would be the highest form of disrespect we could have for the deceased actor. RGV further exhorted us to respect our elders since if something were to happen to us tomorrow, the same thing would happen to us.

    Ram Gopal Varma’s remarks are valid since Krishnam Raju is a legendary character in Tollywood who has contributed significantly to the development of Telugu cinema. Contemporary industry leaders owe Krishnam Raju the utmost respect. For a day or two, the shooting should stop so that we can reflect on his legacy.

    Tollywood producers recently stopped filming for nearly 15 days due to financial ups and downs, but the same producers are unable to stop the shoot for even one day to honour the legendary actor. Both the Rebel Star and Prabhas fan groups are being hurt by this.

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