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  • Ram Pothineni’s ‘The Warriorr’ hits the right chords of the masses. Check out our Review

    The movie “The Warriorr,” directed by Linguswamy and starring Ram, has been released in theaters today. Kriti Shetty played the heroine. For the first time in his career, Ram set out to entertain his fans in a powerful police avatar. He is seen as a DSP in this flick. The talented actor Adi Pinishetti is playing a ruthless antagonist.


    Famous doctor Satya (Ram) accepts a job in Kurnool city. Aadi Pinisetty’s villain Guru is wreaking chaos in the same city. Satya strives to stop Guru from doing bad, but he realizes that as a doctor, he is powerless to stop Guru. Satya switches from being a doctor to being a police officer as a result. How can a doctor become a police officer? How he will deal with Guru, is the rest of the story.


    Despite crafting an action movie, director Lingusamy made an honest effort and avoided using scenes that were irrational. Staya’s transition from a doctor to a police officer appears to be plausible. The main plus for the movie is Adi Pinishetti’s strong performance. His strong physical attributes and engaging dailouges will keep you engaged in the story. Guru, the main antagonist, dominates the first half. There are numerous high-octane action scenes and dance numbers in the second half. You’ll be glued to your seats during Ram and Aadi Pinisetty’s battle. Hero Ram did a fantastic job portraying a police officer. He simply excels in his role. The intensity of his acting and dancing takes the movie to the next level.

    ‘The Warriorr’ plot is nothing more than a tried and tested formula that we have been watching for decades. However, Linguswamy’s direction set this movie apart from other action movies.


    Ram gave the role of Satya his all. Kriti Shetty wowed everyone with her dancing and beauty. Guru, an evil character enhanced by Aadi Pinisetty, is brutal. Others, like Nadiya and Brahmaji, have justified their roles.

    Technical Aspects

    Without a doubt, Linguswamy is back to his former splendour. He deserves praise for both his writing and directing. The background score should have been done better by Devisree Prasad. The songs were superb. The technicians did a good job with both the cinematography and the editing. Excellent production values are used.


    Ram, Aadi acting 

    Songs, BGM

    Action sequences


    Routine action drama

    Lagging first half

    Rating: 3/5

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