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  • Ram’s powerful and energetic dance number ‘Whistle’ from Warrior makes us wonder where he gets that energy.

    Ram Pothineni is overjoyed because two of his upcoming film Warrior’s songs, ‘Bullet Song’ and ‘Whistle,’ have become huge hits. And by ‘Cloud Nine,’ we mean that Ram Pothineni thanked everyone at the song release event yesterday, but in his ecstasy, he forgot to thank the main person, which is the Director of the Film Mr. Linguswamy. Today, Ram has to issue an apology and tell Mr. Linguswamy that without him, this film would not have been made.

    The songs ‘Bullet Song’ and ‘Whistle’ by Warrior are huge hits, which will undoubtedly help the film. Ram’s energetic dance moves in Warrior will undoubtedly propel him into the Top 5 Tollywood dancers if he is not already there. The song’s lyrics are catchy and will appeal to college students. The music was composed by Devi Sri Prasad and performed by Anthony Daasan and Srinisha Jayaseelan, and the lyrics were written by Sahithi.

    Whistle Song already garnered close to 5 Million views and 100K likes, way to go Ram. Watch the video here.

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