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  • Raviteja’s ‘Ramarao On Duty’ trailer premise seems very promising.

    The concept of this movie, Ramarao on Duty, is fascinating, and the intriguing trailer makes it seem as though Ravi Teja is assuming a new role. The trailer, which seems to have a lot of potential, was released on June 16th.

    The trailer highlights missing persons without identifying the perpetrators, but it demonstrates that the protagonist and antagonist are more like cats and mice in their pursuit of one another. Raviteja, who plays a tax officer, has a really cool appearance, and it appears from the teaser that he is at odds with the police. In this movie, Tottempudi Venu is making a comeback and playing a police officer.

    Kick movie comes to mind after seeing bits of this clip, although Raviteja’s depiction felt different from his other films. We can’t wait to watch the movie when it comes out on July 28! Sarath Mandava is the director and Sudhakar Cherukuri is the producer of the film.

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