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  • Rocketry Movie Review

    R. Madhavan’s Rocketry is released in theaters today. Despite limited promotions, the film managed to create buzz among the audience. Actress Simran is making her comeback to films with this flick. Does this movie fairly represent the life of ISRO scientist Nambinarayanan? Let’s analyze.


    “Rocketry” was directed by Madhavan, who also had the lead role. The film is based on the life story of renowned ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan. The story shows his ups and downs as well as the accusations of espionage that were brought against him despite his numerous sacrifices for the country and how he ultimately overcomes them. In a brief cameo role, Suriya plays a TV personality who speaks with Nambi Narayanan.


    As a filmmaker, Madhavan did a fantastic job; he gave this film everything he had. The first half of the film depicts Nambi Narayanan’s efforts and the challenges he encountered while working for the all-India space research organization. The second half of the film deals with the espionage allegations against him and the emotional suffering he and his family underwent during some of his most trying times. The second half of the film will undoubtedly make us feel sentimental and make us want to cheer for the protagonist.

    Madhavan paid close attention to every technical element. Nambi Narayanan’s work on the Vikas engine and his interactions with French and Russian scientists are expertly shown by the director. When Nambi Narayanan’s cursed fate is displayed in film, the average audience becomes distressed. The appearance of Surya enhances the narrative’s climax. It stays the same and doesn’t feel dramatic at any time because it is a true story.


    The role of “Nambi Narayan” was brilliantly played by Madhavan. Simran made an impression in her capacity as his wife. The performances of other actors were equally good. Surya’s appearance in the movie as a cameo was its X factor. In Hindi, Surya’s role was portrayed by SRK.

    Technical Aspects

    Madhavan deserves a tonne of credit for his excellent writing, which is all his own doing. This movie is greatly improved by Shyam C.S.’s background score. Bijith Bala and Sirsha Ray’s editing and cinematography are on par with the other elements. The film’s creators did not skimp on the quality of the production.


    Madhavan’s direction and acting

    Second Half Emotions



    The plot lags in the first half.

     Rating: 3.5/5

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