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  • RRR movie resembles a gay story: RGV and Hollywood viewers

    Some Hollywood viewers have expressed that some scenes in the RRR film appear to depict a gay relationship or story. The controversial director, Ram Gopal Varma, responded in his own unique style, saying he felt the same way and admitting that when he first saw the RRR film, he also thought it resembles a gay story. He included an article in the tweet that described the reactions of some Hollywood fans to the film. Hollywood audiences also misidentified this film as a gay film. He initially stated that he enjoyed the film as well.

    Young heroes Ram Charan as Sitaramaraju and Young Tiger NTR stars as  Komaram Bheem in the film.  As RGV makes these remarks, the Telugu audience mocks him mercilessly. ‘Did you drink vodka and watch the movie?’ one user asked. On Twitter, his tweet is currently trending. Another user stated that people view friendship through different lenses. Another user was even harsher. ‘Hollywood may not understand our culture, but what happened to your eyes, RGV?

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