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  • ‘RRR’ star Ram Charan to Hollywood?

    American audiences are buzzing about SS Rajamouli’s epic-action drama ‘RRR.’ This Telugu Indian epic has finished its theatrical run in India and has since been released on Netflix (Hindi version) and Zee5 (Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam).

    With the release of this film on Netflix, it has gained enormous popularity among Americans. As word of mouth spread extremely positively, US filmgoers watched this film on Netflix in record numbers and gave it rave reviews. Because of its massive success, the film remained the No. 1 non-English film for two weeks in a row. Due to high demand, many theaters in the United States re-released RRR, and the film is still playing in some theaters with housefull boards. This film received a certified fresh 91 percent rating from the American review-aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, which is a significant achievement for an Indian film.

    Major American news outlets covered the RRR film and its stars. Ram Charan is becoming well-known among American audiences, who have begun to talk about his acting prowess. ‘Kirsten,’ a popular Insider news correspondent, tweeted, ‘Crush Alert,’ and Ram Charan fans were overjoyed. Many new female fans from Western countries have spoken out about Ram Charan’s other films and have declared their love for him.

    Cherry’s breathtaking performance in the opening act of this film drew rave reviews from the western audience. The actor has also been mentioned recently in the articles published by ‘The Atlantic’ and ‘The Insider’ which speak about his rising popularity among the US audience. Moreover, people are asking his Indian fans to suggest more films from Ram Charan’s filmography to watch. 


    Will Ram Charan take a chance in Hollywood? This question is still unanswered, but Ram Charan should look into HollyWood Projects. Time will tell if Ram Charan can land a big Hollywood project like Dhanush did with ‘The Gray Man.’