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  • Sarkaru Vaari Paata (SVP) Movie Review (English)

    ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata,’ the most anticipated film by Mahesh Babu, is out in theaters. In this film, Keerthy Suresh worked with Mahesh for the first time. Parasuram directed and Mythri Movie Makers produced this film. The music for this film was composed by Thaman. The trailer and songs for the film were enormous hits with the audience, as well as setting multiple YouTube records. With much fanfare, Sarkaru Vaari Paata was released today. Can this film live up to the hype? Let’s find out.


    Mahesh Babu (Mahesh) is a merciless money lender who operates in the United States. His job is money lending and collection. Keerthy Suresh (Kalavathi), an Indian student in America, neglects her studies and develops a gambling addiction. To fund her gambling habit, she borrows money from Mahesh. Kalavathi’s charm blows Mahesh away, thus he lends her money instantly. Later, he discovers a surprising fact about Kalavathi and demands her to reimburse his money. Eventually, Mahesh travels to India to recover his money from Kalavathi’s father, Samuthirakani (Rajendranath), As she refuses to repay him. Mahesh demands ten thousand crores of rupees from Rajendranath, much to the surprise of the audience. Why is there so much money? What is Mahesh’s plan and background? Will Mahesh be able to recover his money? You’ll have to watch the movie to get all of these answers.


    Many billionaires have robbed banks in the name of business loans in recent years and fled to other countries. The bank or the government did nothing to recover the funds, but the same banks will harass ordinary people if they do not settle their small debts. This is the central concept of the film. In this film, Parasuram attempted to portray these themes. With Mahesh and Keerthy’s love track, songs, and entertaining dialogues, the first half of the film is a fun journey. The film takes an intense turn in the second half, Despite his best efforts, Director Parasuram was unable to deliver the message that he had intended. The crowd in the theaters can sense the film’s deviation from its original plot. Another flaw in this film is that it fails to elevate the villain’s character. With his incredible acting, dialogues, and action moments Mahesh Babu kept the film together. Mahesh’s relationship with Keerthy Suresh went smoothly.


    For this film, Mahesh gave his all. His outstanding performance is a significant plus. This film has more dialogue for Mahesh Babu than Mahesh’s previous films. Keerthy, who was playing a glamorous part for the first time, performed admirably. In the early half, her character had greater screen time. For the antagonist character, Samuthirakani did a fine job. Vennela Kishore, Subbaraju, Posani, Thanikella Barani, Nadiya, and the rest of the cast did an excellent job in their respective roles.

    Technical Aspects:

    Thaman did an outstanding job. His songs and background music are excellent. The cinematography of Madhi is top notch.The visual effects could’ve been more impressive. With this film, director Parasuram has crafted a much-needed gift box for Mahesh Babu fans.



    Mahesh-Keerthy chemistry and acting

    Action Sequences


    Lagging Second half

    Illogical Sequences

    Rating: 3/5

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