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  • Season 2 of Netflix Squid Games is in the works

    Squid Games, Netflix’s most popular TV show, has been renewed for a second season. With Squid Games’ debut season, the OTT behemoth took the world by storm. Squid Games is the most watched TV show on Netflix, with 1.65 billion hours watched in the first four weeks.

    Following the phenomenal success of season 1, there have been numerous speculations and developments regarding season 2 of this drama series. The director, ‘Hwang Dong-hyuk,’ went ahead and confirmed that a second season of the Squid Games was in the works, but nothing has been officially announced by Netflix.

    Netflix officially announced season two of its most popular TV show, Squid Games, yesterday. Squid Games Season 2 has been officially announced, according to a post on Netflix’s official website and social media accounts.

    The post included the caption “Red light… GREENLIGHT! Squid Game is officially returning for Season 2!” as well as a clip of a brief animation of the gigantic animatronic doll that appears prominently in the ‘Squid Game’ pilot.

    The hashtag #Squidgamesseason2 is currently trending on Twitter, with thousands of tweets.